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    HeFei Reyao Environmental Construction Materials Technology co.,ltd. (www.hishanghi.com) is founded in 2010,locate in TaoHua Industrial Park,FeiXi county HeFei city of AnHui province.My company is specialized in the drainage system about research,development,design,production,construction and installation.My mainly product cover SMC moulded septic tank,plastic septic tank,plastic inspection chamber,HDPE double-well corrugated pipe,HDPE hollow-wall winding pipe, integration of prefabricated pumping station,solar power sewage treatment equipment etc. These productions constitute the sewage treatment system,airtight,durable,standard.

    Since Reyao established,we continue to research and develop,increase investment,costantly enrich products.Reyao become the leader specializing in drainage system.

    2010  SMC moulded septic tank

    2011  HDPE double-well corrugated pipe

    2012  Integrated equipment for sewage treatment

          integration of prefabricated pumping station

    2013  plastic septic tank

          HDPE hollow-wall winding pipe

    2014  participate in the project of ZheJiang rural swage teartment

    2015  participate in the project of ShangHai rural swage teartment

          participate in the project of JiangSu rural swage teartment

    2016  participate in the project of AnHui Taiping-lake,Chaohu-lake,Nanling etc.Beautiful Country swage teartment


    “Reyao” rural domestic sewage treatment system

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    ADD:The crossing of Bagongshan Road and Changgu Road,TaoHua Industrial Park,FeiXi county HeFei city of AnHui province